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Electronic Dance Music Continues To Go Corporate

Electronic Dance Music Continues To Go Corporate

It’s no surprise as we continue to see electronic dance music blossom in the United States, large corporations have taken interest in what was once an underground market. A company that has been showing a growing interest in electronic music, Live Nation has acknowledged as of Tuesday July 26th that they have acquired Hard Events. Is large corporate involvement the beginning of the end for electronic dance music culture?  

Until a genre garners mainstream attention and popularity, independent promoters are entirely dedicated to keeping a particular scene running. Interest from large corporate heads provides added financial stability and cushion to independent promoters with varying degrees of involvement, the absolute brand evangelists, but with little to no experience. Let's call promoters the pioneers of the game; does a corporation fit?

The financial details of the deal between Live Nation and Hard Events were not disclosed to the public, and while the EDM community continues to worry about corporate involvement in a once-underground genre, our option resides in watching a developing fickle genre unfold. 


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