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Global Endorsed: Blossom (Exclusive Interview)

Global Endorsed: Blossom (Exclusive Interview)

Based out of the Arizona area, rising producer Emilie Fromm (aka Blossom) caught our attention over a month ago as her bootleg of Rusko's "Skanka" got featured by bass house talent Ghastly in his Diplo & Friends mix. A student at Arizona State University, Blossom is a new talent with spunk. Getting ready for the release of her debut original soon and just off a performance at the first edition of Space Yacht Phoenix, we talked to the Global Endorsed act about her interest in music production, her plans for the future and life outside the DJ world at ASU.


Well first off thanks for meeting and talking with me!

Blossom: Of course!

So you’re a rising producer and DJ in the Tempe, Phoenix area. What inspired you to get involved in the dance community?

B: I’ve always really liked electronic music. I started more in high school with my sister. She was really into the Myspace scene and I really wanted to follow her footsteps so I found Myspace music and just started discovering my own taste in electronic music. Around mid-high school I found dubstep and that was my first passion. I never really thought at the time that I’d be doing this. But then I started getting into garageband and later I was playing around with it. I got all the expansion packs but I really wasn’t good at it at all *laughs*. I think I opened it like 5 times even though I bought all the stuff for it. Then I went to college, started at the University of Arizona freshman year, hated it, transferred to Arizona State, tried to figure a major for what I wanted to do with my life, all that. So I found this major called digital culture and music, thought I’d really like it with my passions in music. Oh! I should preface that I played viola for like 12 years so that’s where my initial interest came from *laughs*. I started when I was 2; I was born in London and it was a big thing to get your kids started in music when they’re young. So I stopped it before high school, because at the time I was going in and thought it was pretty uncool to be the orchestra girl. Now I really wish I’d stuck with it. Oh, so yeah I found the major and it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. There was only like four classes for actual music production and I thought there’d be more then that so I ended up switching my major again and I’m in business now. Along with that, I found some music production classes at Scottsdale Community College and I started taking two classes there last year. I had a friend that went to Dubspot in New York, and it looked really cool so I was like “Oh, I should try this”. So I went last summer to Dubspot in Los Angeles, I did like a three month intensive producer and DJ program. I learned how to use CDJs, learned how to use Ableton, I wasn’t making anything crazy but I learned my way around the software. It was really nice because I think having gone to school for it, instead of spending months just learning how to use it I learned the basics in three months and was really able to start practicing and getting better and do my own sh*t from there.

So who would you say then was that one artist that really developed your taste in electronic music back when you were first discovering it?

B: Datsik was probably the first producer I like. Southpaw, I love that song. Bassnectar was a big inspiration back then. Really anything in that kind of area but those two for sure.

The Tempe area has really started picking up speed lately with festivals like Phoenix Lights, Decadence AZ and Global Dance AZ. How is the electronic scene in Phoenix from your perspective?

B: Honestly, it’s crazy how fast it’s grown. So I started going to raves and shows maybe three years ago? And then it was just the fun thing to do for the community. But as I’ve been growing as an artist so has the scene. It’s really cool. Right now I think it’s really growing a lot. We had Space Yacht Phoenix for the first time just a few weeks ago which I got to play at and it was great. We’re having more and more artists showing up. It’s really started to get to the point that every single weekend I have a place to be or artists to see. It’s incredible to see how fast it’s picking up, like there’s always somewhere cool, someone cool coming out here which is really neat to see.

You just got done with the Phoenix edition of Space Yacht. How was the event?

B: Oh my gosh it was so awesome. So last summer I went to one but it was back when I still was unsure what it was and I left early but since then I’ve been following them more, keeping my eye on it and seeing all the amazing talent they’ve put together. So when they came out here Andrew from Night Owls hit me up cause we’re friends and he was like “Oh I’m making the bill for this and would love to have you play”. It was so cool. Like I was dying to go to the one in LA and now it’s coming to me.

Is there any other club nights or promoters you’d like to see come to Phoenix for one off events?

B: Nothing that I’m following specifically… Hmmm, I guess since I’m a huge AC Slater fan girl I’d like to see the Night Bass tour come out here for some shows, but since it’s more of the collective and the same guys each show I think it’d be harder to bring out here since it’s less of a rotational thing but it’d be nice to have out here.

You just had one of your bootlegs played out by Ghastly on his Diplo & Friends mix. That’s a huge milestone! What was that experience like for you?

B: It was the coolest. I think I’m in love with Ghastly. Maybe don’t put that in there. *laughing* So I sent him the song and you know I wasn’t expecting a response from him, I just sent out a bunch of e-mails to see if anyone likes it and he replies the next day and loved it. So a few days later he gets back at me again and says that he’s putting it in his Diplo & Friends mix and I just fangirled so hard. It was so cool. It was the best. So I had a friend out in San Francisco too and he’s out at a show a few weeks ago that Ghastly and Dr Fresch are playing. So he calls me at 3 in the morning and goes “You’re not gonna believe this” and he sends me a video of Ghastly playing out my track in San Fran. It’s the coolest, having your hero like and play out your stuff.

recap from SPACE YACHT PHX w/ NIGHTOWLS, Sam F, Dirty Doses, & Bijou <3 such an awesome night, so lucky to be a part of first ever space yacht phx~

Posted by Blossom on Thursday, March 10, 2016

So with Soundcloud removing your two bootlegs, you’ve said that you’re hard at work on your debut original. What can you tell us about it?

B: Yeah! So I’m working on it with another person and I’m really excited for the track. So I found this person making music, and I’m listening to them and I was like “Okay I have to step up my game”. So I’m sitting there with Bijou, I said “Okay I’m gonna make something right now and it’s gonna be dope” and I worked on it and it sounded great, and I was so happy cause that never happens; you think you’re gonna make something exciting and then you spend hours making something that doesn’t sound right so I’m really happy that I was able to just start something and step up my game a lot. Plus it’s really cool for me to have my own original track you know? It’s fun making bootlegs y’know, like you’ve got the fun parts already done and all you have to do is really a new intro and drop, but it’s really cool to have my own song and put more work into it. I’m realizing how much more goes into an original since you have to put all the little details in, make sure it’s perfect, all that. Even when I thought it was perfect we just kept adding more and more and where I thought it was done was probably 50% of what we have done now. So, I’m just so excited to really start getting out my own original stuff.

That’s amazing! Do you have any plans on when it’s slotted to release?

B: We’re trying to finish it in the next few weeks. I don’t know about release dates yet, we haven’t discussed it but hopefully soon. With both of my bootlegs down, it’s been weird for my Soundcloud presence because I have nothing to show and I had to take down all my mixes because I was scared those would get strikes. So I started another Soundcloud account and I’m moving everything over there as a safety net. I figure it’s easier to build up following from what I am now instead of down the line while I still have the other strikes on my account and I’m really risking it. But yeah as far as the release date, hopefully soon! I want to get it out soon!

You’re also a currently a student at ASU. What is it like balancing your music career with school?

B: It’s hard, it’s really hard. So like I know I just want to be doing music all the time so when I’m in class I struggle to pay attention since I’m struggling to put one earbud in and do something with music stuff. But I have to remember that I’m almost done. I’ve got one more year left and I’m studying entrepreneurship which is what I’m doing with the rest of my life so I just gotta finish out strong. Like that’s what I’m doing the rest of my life is promoting myself as my own entrepreneurial venture. It’s tough though because there’s homework and so much I have to do before I can start on my music stuff.

Outside of class, producing and playing shows, how do you like to spend your free time? Any interesting hobbies?

B: I’m honestly the most boring person ever. *laughing* So I mean I go to a lot of shows and spend a lot of time in my studio but I’m so busy since I also work. So between work, school, working on music, my time is super full. So my favorite hobby is really just sitting at home on my couch with my dogs and doing nothing at all. It’s just so nice to just do nothing, or watch Bob’s Burgers. *laughing*

What’s some of your favorite hot spots in the Phoenix area?

B: One place I really like was Shady Park. So my friend Bijou was playing there and that’s how I found out about it. It’s this new venue right on Mill Avenue and it’s completely outdoors in the back. It has this college backyard feel that’s dope. I love Barsmith too, I saw Mija and Ghastly there.

With festival season approaching, do you have any plans for upcoming shows in or out of state?

B: So I’ll be moving to LA for the summer in mid-May, so I’m getting all the plans for that done now. I have to be out there, it’s the coolest place ever and I feel like a sitting duck out here. So I’m gonna be working on just getting my name out there in LA and building some great connections while I’m out there. A lot of LA shows is the goal. Festival-wise I don’t really have anything planned, I’m focusing more on getting those original tracks out and bringing more attention to me as an artist. That’ll open more doors for me. Hopefully some festivals at some point though, that’s a goal of mine for sure.

Well awesome, thanks so much!


Getting ready for a summer full of new tracks, shows and a budding career, Emilie Fromm is getting ready to rock the DJ world. Make sure to tag along for the adventure with her new track due out soon by following her on Soundcloud, Facebook and more below.




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