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Conro Has Us Caught Up In All The City Lights With His Newest Release

Conro Has Us Caught Up In All The City Lights With His Newest Release

Canadian producer Conor Patton, known to most as Conro, was predisposed to make a name for himself as a musician from the very beginning. Born into a musical family, Conro started playing violin at just seven years old and went on to play in the Saskatoon Youth Symphony Orchestra for three years. His hunger to broaden his musical horizons couldn’t be satisfied as he began playing piano, drums and the guitar. Initially playing in local alternative rock ‘n roll bands, Patton gained respect and a following in his community. His start into self-production was equally as far away from the electronic industry as he wrote and recorded two self-released folk albums, his first project under his birth name. His immense musical background soon formed the sound he’s become most well known for, an intense blend of electro that will rock your socks off. Conro’s style of electro house includes subtle creative nods towards his older work and blends in aspects of rock, garage and disco.


While living in a trailer, working as a security guard in a boat yard, Conro got his first big break. His debut release “Axiom” was signed to Kindergarten at the tail end of 2012, after hitting the #8 spot on Beatport’s electro house charts. With support from big names such as Porter Robinson, Tommy Trash, Knife Party and many more, Conro’s rapid journey through the world of dance music has been nonstop ever since. Even though hit records and live tours are very much a part of Conro’s life now, he emphasises staying grounded for the sake of his creativity and his family. He currently lives on a chicken farm out in his native British Columbia; close enough to stay in touch with the city lights of Vancouver but far enough away to remain in peace and quiet.

Conro begins 2016 with a shift away from the conventional boundaries of EDM, as displayed with his vibrant new release “City Lights”. Following up his stunning Monstercat debut of “On My Way Up”, the young producer continues to create quite a stir amongst the future bass community. Featuring the light hearted vocals of Royal, “City Lights” exemplifies the new age sound that is launching Patton to the spotlight with its playful vibe.

With a knack for creating top-notch productions and an unwavering drive to create music that matters, Conro shows no signs of slowing down. That being said, keep your eyes and ears open for this Monstercat producer in the future for it is sure to be bright as the City Lights. Don’t forget to follow Conro on social media to keep up with tour dates, releases, and more!




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