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Big News in Denver's Dubstep Scene

Big News in Denver's Dubstep Scene

On a point of subjectivity, Denver has been crowed the “Dubstep capital of the U.S.” by many genre leading artists. And while genre specificity aside, Denver and Colorado in general has a HUGE electronic music scene. Fans here never have to go more than a few days between concerts.  We have so many avenues to appeal to every niche and every crowd of music fans.

And a promotion company that prides itself in the underground side of bass music is Denver’s own Sub.Mission. Sub.Mission has been throwing unique events in Colorado for nine years, with an in-house line up with artists like The Widdler, Sukh Knight, Subset, and many others. Sub.mission’s second home has been northern Denver’s Cervantes Ballroom for years and years, and starting November 19th that is changing.

Sub.mission’s own Nicole Cacciavillano recently purchased Quixotes True Blue which is a grateful dead centric venue located downtown, and Cacciavillano is taking it back, and painting it black (literally). Quixotes will undergo renovations and renaming called “The Black Box” and will become the underground home for Denver’s bassheads.

The Black Box’s debut show will happen on November 19th with artists Mala, Kahn, and Neek. 

We are excited to see the events that start popping up at The Black Box, but we are even more excited to see a promoter have their own venue. Maybe we’ll crown our own venue over here a Global one day.


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