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Shambhala Music Festival Releases Full Dj Sets

Shambhala Music Festival Releases Full Dj Sets

Canadian grassroots music festival Shambhala is releasing full live performance videos of artists from last years festival. Since the early “heady days” of 1998, Shambhala has since gained popularity from Bassnectar’s performances and Excision’s wildly promoted annual mixtape from the festival. Shambhala channels its underground roots by bringing artists that are mainstays in that side room sound like Dirtwire, Bleep Bloop, and G Jones. However, 2016’s lineup brought forward acts from the west coast festival circuit like Ghastly, Marshmello, and Getter. In addition to more popular acts, Shambhala brought forward an entire video crew to document the festival. With 8 camera angles and a high quality set recording these set streams have seriously been dominating my search history. Shambhala has released 2 full sets from Sub Focus and Getter. For obvious reasons, dubstep fans will want to check out Getter’s perfromance. Although, any freaks or Drum and Bass heads need to dim the lights and dance around their basement to Sub Focus’s set. Bringing tons of unheard music, Sub Focus still continues to make my jaw drop. Although you can listen to me, or just go watch the videos. Go check it out

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