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REZZ Releases New Secret Song “Silent Hill”

REZZ Releases New Secret Song “Silent Hill”

We love REZZ. She treats her fans like gold, putting them to guest list when they’re unable to snag tickets before they sell out. She makes killer tunes (for proof, just listen to “Purple Gusher” a few times). AND apparently, she totally kicks ass at video games. In the midst of traveling Canada and the US on her headlining “Something Wrong Here” tour, REZZ not only found time to conquer the intense horror video game, Silent Hill, she wrote and produced a song to celebrate her victory. She took to her Facebook page Monday to announce the release of the eerie and bass-heavy track, stating “I beat Silent Hill last night, so here's a tune I made inspired while playing the game.”

The vibe of the track perfectly correlates with the horror theme of the game. Now, while we’re not QUITE as terrified listening to the track as we are while playing the game (but to be honest, we didn’t get past level one… we’ll be stuck searching for our daughter in Silent Hill forever), the spooky synth lines and ambient breaks in the songs are definitely enough to send shivers down your spine. You won’t be able to find the track on any official REZZ accounts, it can only be found on REZZ’s alias Soundcloud “REZZ secret tunes”, where you can also find tons of other unreleased material.

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