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Internet Memes Bring New Life To Old Track

Internet Memes Bring New Life To Old Track

The Australian electronic band Bag Raiders released their song “Shooting Stars” back in 2010. The track reached number 18 of Triple J Hottest 100 of 2009, and then seemed to fade distantly. And thanks to the “series of tubes” that we call the internet, the fashionability of edgy humor, and the obscure culture behind vaporware. “Shooting Stars” has gone viral, almost 7 years after the original release date. Hit viral memes of photoshopped subjects beaming through space as the Bag Raider’s track accompanies it are most likely hitting your list of social medias. After researching search statistics through google, the song now has 25% more traffic then when the song was originally released. And its been reported that the band has recently acknowledged the new spike in popularity of their almost decade old track.

You can check out the original music video here:

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