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Aash Mehta EP ‘Stardust’ Strives to Emotionally Connect

Aash Mehta EP ‘Stardust’ Strives to Emotionally Connect

“I just - I know that once it gets heard I know people are going to connect with it.” This is 22 year old electronic music producer Aash Mehta’s outlook on his brand new EP titled Stardust.

There is an earnestness that comes through when Aash Mehta talks about his music. He speaks with such genuine passion that it’s hard to not let it rub off on you. It’s clear that he cares about the product he is creating and putting out. He longs for success, but not in the way that makes him greedy or money hungry - it’s simply a drive within him. A drive simply to share and create something meaningful.

His jumping off point into dance music is similar to a lot of people’s - he cites Calvin Harris’ “I’m Not Alone” and “Ghosts N Stuff” by deadmau5 as the first songs that really unlocked the electronic music world to him. But he stressed the importance of his non-EDM influences.

“I would put very few electronic songs in my all time top favorite songs.”

His long time passion for hip hop music is evident, and jokingly stated that if you ever were to talk badly about Eminem he would “take it very personally.” He continued listing artists of all genres - Mumford and Sons and Radiohead came to mind - before concluding that “pretty much anything that’s not Country music or Death Metal - I listen to.”

The future bass producer has been hard at work, opening for acts like Big Wild and Elephante, and at the end of 2016, took a trip back to Ann Arbor (where he went to college) to serve as the opening act for Quinn XCII and ayokay. Recently, he’s tasted success with remixes of The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” and Rae Srummerd’s “Black Beatles”, remixes that topped the HypeMachine charts. His debut EP “Dreams Money Can’t Buy” has performed well, with a few songs reaching 200,000+ listens. But the triumphs haven’t always been that way. For the most part, these accomplishments are fairly new.

“Literally two years ago I would be so stoked when my songs passed just 100 plays on my Soundcloud. And now it’s at the point where I’m not satisfied until I break my next step”

Stardust would definitely qualify as one of those next steps. Aash Mehta said that it’s the most excited he’s ever been to release new music, with the EP being a very personal collection of completely original music. He just recently signed with Casual Jam Records, a move he described as “exciting” and said that “they really take care of their artists and have great reach.” 

Stardust is his first release with Casual Jam, and they certainly should be happy with the product Mehta has created. The main theme of hope and inspiration is evident from the start, but particularly two signature tracks - ‘Friendzone’ and ‘Hold Onto Me’ - both exemplify the importance of storytelling. The vocal talent and lyrical content drive Stardust as a whole, and Mehta stressed the importance of making something people can connect with.

“Every song tells a different story of my own life - it’s a very personal piece. I feel like everyone can relate to the meaning behind each of the songs, and that’s definitely something that I feel like stands out more than my last [EP]. This one tells a story - it has a meaning.”

Friendzone closes out the EP on a high note, not just because it is one of the stronger songs on the EP, but because of it’s uplifting and relatable lyrics. The replay value is high, and it certainly has the makings of a fan favorite.

Aash Mehta’s obvious motivation to continue to break personal goals doesn’t get in the way of enjoying special moments, though. The young producer selflessly describes meeting people who have heard his music, and there is a certain sense of gratification - almost a confirmation - that what he spends so much time creating connects and translates to people he’s never met before.

“Some of the best feelings in the world to me is like - a few people and I just moved to Chicago, and I’ve met some people that are like, ‘Oh, I’ve heard your track Wings’ and that to me is still the most surreal feeling in the world. I’m just like, ‘Thank you so much. Thank you so much for listening to my music, that’s amazing that it somehow got into your playlist’ or whatever. And that’s still like…like I just still can’t believe that happens. When I played before Big Wild and Quinn XCII and ayokay, it was all 100% my own music and I brought some of the singers and violinists out with me…I played Hold Onto Me for the first time and nobody has ever even heard that song and it went off and it was such a surreal moment.”

You could say “surreal moment” is an understatement. When factoring where Aash Mehta was just two years ago, playing frat parties in college or smaller bars and clubs, it might not have even entered Mehta’s mind to pursue it professionally. Now, with his second EP dropping and a record deal to go along with it, to quote ‘Friendzone’: the “taste of the good life” is one step closer.

Stardust is out now and is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud

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