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GNAR GNAR Releases New Single

GNAR GNAR Releases New Single "Monument"

Tyler Nally, AKA GNAR GNAR is most notably known for his recent collaborations on Bassnectar's last two albums 'Unlimited' & 'Into The Sun'. Both collaborative songs "Generate" and "Dream Catcher" have a comedic dynamic between the two going from an audible headband assault narrated by the looping vocals yelling "live and direct" to Dreamcatcher's almost cinematic build to a imaginative nasa blast off. Well, GNAR GNAR has recently released his new song "Monument" and its the angry, lip-curling, off-shoot of what sounds like tribal based metal music gone electronic. Starting off with tribal drums and a rising synth that bring you to the first drop, which seems to be a welcome mat for the rest of the track. When the bridge comes in, theres the typical re-build, but then brought back down to a reset for the second drop. And what you think is going to be a long build is then suddenly dropped into what could be considered the soundtrack to a slow motion throw-down between the protagonist and main character of a story. "Monument" is a 140 BPM smash of sounds tied together by a heavy drum section and looped vocals. We at Global are big fans of Mr.Gnar, so go check out his music.


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