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ZHU releases moody new track + the mysterious “BLACKLIZT”

ZHU releases moody new track + the mysterious “BLACKLIZT”

ZHU has become notorious for maintaining an elusive aura. He’s constantly keeping his future plans under wraps and surprising us with music releases. His latest endeavor “THE BLACKLIZT” is no different. A few days ago the LA producer took to  social media to post a grungy black and white video to tease his new track, “Nightcrawler”, but the message behind the video is what has everyone talking.

In the video, we can see a group of people carrying a casket through a cemetery and written on that casket is the names of several producers including Marshmello, The Chainsmokers, Afrojack, and David Guetta. Many are interpreting the video as ZHU taking a stab at EDM artists that have made the crossover to the pop world. The only information given with the video is the caption to “Join the Blacklizt” with a link to ZHU’s website, where you can enter your cell phone number for updates. Once you enter your number, an image is sent to your phone of ZHU’s logo made up of the letter “z”. We’re not sure whether the Blacklizt is a new tour or album, but we’re all impatiently waiting for another text to help try and solve the mystery.

While we wait for more information, listen to the full version of ZHU’s “Nightcrawler” 

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