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Getting Personal With Soloman from Gentlemen's Club

Getting Personal With Soloman from Gentlemen's Club

With the ever-expanding heavy electronic music scene rising to the peak of its popularity in recent months, especially in the Bass Capital, it is no question some of the biggest names in dubstep (Skism, 12th Planet, Midnight Tyrannosaurus) are gathering influence from heavy synthesizers and repetitive beats to bring the new “riddim” trend (deriving from the Jamaican pronunciation of the English word “rhythm”; structurally containing minimalistic layers, sawtooth-style repetition and few chorus filters) to modern day electronic music.

Artists from across the world are bringing the refined sound to the U.S, and just as in the rise of dubstep in the 2010 days, the U.K is one of the leading counties in the mastering of this and the overall formation of a new, fresh sound which is truly structurally and musically unlike anything familiar. Gentlemen’s Club, infamous U.K-born trio and best mates, began their DJ careers under the names of Coffi, Soloman and 50 Carrot, and after quickly realizing the power of their joint potential and similar musical stylistics, formed the group a few years back. Although dubstep, grime, and riddim have been coined terms in the genre since as early as 2003, the true solidification of the genres themselves is only recently coming to the light, as the heavier side of electronic music has become increasingly popular amongst music lovers worldwide.

Soloman, the energy-filed, 23 year old trio member grinningly decided to discuss his own particular influences in music with Global Dance, with notable mention to British grime pioneer Skepta, as well as Never Say Die Records, established in 2009 by Tommy Dash and Nick Saddler. “I’ve been listening to Grime since 2004,” Soloman states. "Skepta, JME, Lethal Bizzle, were all big influences."In 2007, I was introduced to Dubstep [in the U.K]...from there I fell in love with dubstep.”

A few years after this discovery, and Soloman was hooked in the scene.

“In 2010, I heard Badklaat’s Headtop for the first was from there when I decided this is what I wanted to do, to make this type of music.”

With a distinctive sound and similar musical taste between all three of the boys, Gentlemen’s Club has been touring the United States within the last year and will be returning to the Bass Capital in April 2017 for the Hyper Future Tour, alongside dubstep heavyweights Eptic, Must Die!, and Dr. Ozi.

Listen to Gentlemen’s Club latest remix, Modestep’s Living For The Weekend, released February 23. Make sure to catch them at The Ogden Theater for the Hyper Future Tour on April 29th.


Photo By: Sean Moore 

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