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Getter introduces rap alias “Terror Reid” on his own label

Getter introduces rap alias “Terror Reid” on his own label

A little less than a month ago, Getter announced the launch of “Shred Collective”; his own label, clothing brand, and artist collective… basically a website where you can get completely immersed in the “vibe”, “aesthetic”, and all things Getter related. Plus, he released the label’s debut track, a grimey, heavy hitting, and distinctively Getter tune, “Inhalant Abuse”. But now, the producer is branching away from his electronic sound and trading in his signature “suh dude’s” for full rap bars with his latest surprise project. Yesterday, Getter unveiled Shred Collective’s second release, “Uppercuts” from a previously unknown hip-hop artist, Terror Reid.

Along with the track release, Getter tweeted out “i'm not gonna say i am @terrorreid but all i know is i chugged a whole thing of winex and blacked out when i woke up, “uppercuts” was done”. “Uppercuts”, produced by Getter, rocks a beat similar to old school East coast rap and is paired with a dark music video featuring a masked stranger walking down a dark street. The lyrics cover a few different menacing topics and the video even has a few satanic animations sprawled across the screen. The first two releases from Shred Collective clearly show that there are no boundaries and we can’t wait to see what other directions Terror Reid, Getter, and the label will go.

The song will be available for purchase on Shred Collective on April 7th, but until then you can watch the video and listen via YouTube:

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