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Fyre Music Festival Now Dealing With Legal Fallout

Fyre Music Festival Now Dealing With Legal Fallout

After the incident and HUGE failure of Fyre music festival this month, new information and news has started to develop. Owners Ja Rule and Billy McFarland have been dealing with class  action lawsuits from lawyers claiming fraud and providing dangerous conditions for concert goers. Los Angeles lawyer Mark Geragos is filing a 100 Million dollar lawsuit against Fyre Media, however their are multiple new lawsuits from smaller parties, even including the company Fyre hired to provide medical services. The company stated the living conditions were “Uninhabitable” because of “Bug infestation, bloodstained mattresses, and no air conditioning.” Additionally, during the conception of Fyre Music Festival, marketing coordinators paid instagram models to use their platforms as promotion. However models were not advised and did not practice standard FPC promotional guidelines, disclosing that their posts were paid content to promote the music festival, leaving these models exposed for legal prosecution. However, the issues surrounding Fyre Media aren’t limited to legal action. VICE recently obtained and posted a phone call recorded between Ja Rule and Billy McFarland explaining to their employees that “Unfortunately we are not able to proceed with payroll immediately for the company”, McFarland then continues to ask employees of Fyre Media to continue with their jobs regardless of payment despite being a breech of contract for their employees. 

This is just another hole in the coffin of Fyre music festival, and shows the amount of planning and care needed when putting on a music festival. That being said, make sure you buy tickets for Global Dance Festival, we promise we won’t put you in FEMA tents. 


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