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Global Spotlight: ATLiens

Global Spotlight: ATLiens

Their songs sound like something out of this world, which is appropriate given their name ATLiens. The duo based out of Atlanta have a sound that makes them stand out from other groups. ATLiens are a mix of dubstep, drum and bass, and trap.  ATLiens play to the beat of the own drums, their music sounds like something that would be playing in space. Their song with Bassnectar Interlock is dark but has a very fast beat. While ATLiens’ songs don’t have big drops they do have a continuous flow that allow you to enjoy their entire song and not just a certain part of it. Many artists focus on having one big drop but ATLiens make sure that what you hear is good from beginning to end. Even their music videos are out of this world. Their music video for Alchemy features rag doll looking aliens, golden astronauts, and lots of gemstones. The duo have a unique style, but it makes them special in everyway.

ATLiens is currently on tour playing festivals like Trapfest, while many of us might have never heard of ATLiens they are definitely worth a listen. Their songs take you somewhere else entirely. Sometimes a good beat can take you to a foreign world, and this duo makes it their mission to abduct their crowds. Keep an eye on their social media to see when they’ll be coming to you.    

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