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Sound Remedy drops 11-track album

Sound Remedy drops 11-track album

It’s been about a year since Sound Remedy announced his “retirement” from touring and live shows. However this did NOT rule out his productions in other forms.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Sound Remedy published an 11 track instrumental album “Point Five” on Friday evening. Everything you would expect from a Sound Remedy is present; striking square leads, epic synth progressions, euphoric builds, and eloquently sophisticated melodies span the length of each track. It’s clear that the Rem has still been hard at work in the time away from touring and the festival circuit.

As a rabid Sound Remedy fan myself, I am understandably disappointed that this is strictly an instrumental album. A large block of Rem’s following came from haunting remixes of Lana Del Rey, London Grammar, and Jaymes Young. His ability to draw out complex emotions and themes from vocal artists while maintaining his core style has always been the crux to his music for me. It is a quality that is fundamentally absent in this album, as well as the lack of any other collaborators.

However this is a small knock in what is otherwise a wonderfully produced and well thought album. Fans of Sirius Chill XM 53 will feel right at home with this entire collection of music. Melodic house, future bass, and downtempo are the name of the game here. There are heavy hitters like “Uprising”, right down to splendid floaters like “Iravoy”.

Despite the lack of vocalists, this album is an absolute peach. Well suited for road trips, this album comes right in the heat of festival season and is considered a must-listen.

You can listen to the album on Sound Remedy’s Soundcloud Point Five by Sound Remedy.

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