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G Jones Releases new Eprom Remix

G Jones Releases new Eprom Remix

The king of WTF music is back with another release to make audiences question their sanity during a show. Hot off a release with Bassnectar, G Jones has been been pushing the boundaries of traditional electronic music by creating rhythms abstract enough to make Pierre Schaeffer envious. However, obscure avant garde references aside, G Jones has been making side room music great again with some appearances at main stages around the country. And one of these tracks is his remix of Eprom's track 'Pineapple.' A conglomerate of redux kicks and metallic bouncing that wont need a second a listen to know if you're really into it. With summer festival season in full force, make sure to keep an eye out for Mr.Jones on any line up. Bass music fan or not, if you wanna get freaked out, go see him.

And make sure to check out Eprom as well :)

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