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Global Tracks of The Week

Global Tracks of The Week

Bassnectar ft. Dorfex Bros - “Horizons”

Okay, let’s start this off with a confession. I am a giant Basshead. I have the Bassdrop tattooed on me, have spent thousands of dollars traveling the globe to see Bassnectar, AND am still riding the high of his recent three night Freestyle Sessions run in Colorado. So, obviously this wouldn’t be a Global Tracks from me if I didn’t include a track from Lo himself. This song isn’t the typical “bass in your face” one might expect from Bassnectar, but has a deeper, darker, and more mysterious and space-y vibe to it. It’s melodic and pretty, but definitely still has a hint of some of Nectar’s iconic heavy bass.

KAYTRANADA ft. Craig David - “Got It Good”

Okay, now for something completely different. Need a song that will instantly put you in a good mood? This is it. A little funk, a smooth beat, and an insanely catchy hook make this track basically perfect. It’s almost impossible to resist dancing and singing along whenever this plays, I promise. Craig David’s voice is so soulful give the track a bit of a sexy edge and makes everything flow together flawlessly. This is definitely something to include on every party playlist.

Caspa - “Deja Vu”

Caspa has always been and always will be one of the best. This track is from Caspa’s latest “Vibrations” series and is definitely deepest and darkest of the series. In the words of the dubstep master himself, “Firstly the conspiratorial spoken word ensuring we’re all woke from the off, secondly a cascading bassline that spirals deep into the bass abyss, drilling further and further into your psyche.” This track has some serious wobbles and a really grimey bass line that any dub fan can appreciate.

CloZee - “Tor - Two Suns Remix”

After seeing CloZee live last year, I’ve been obsessed and her remix of Tor’s “Two Suns” is one of my favorites. It’s literally one of the dreamiest and most relaxing songs I’ve ever heard in my entire life. This is the type of song that when you listen to it transports you somewhere else, that you can picture an entire movie scene in your head while it’s playing. Her take on “World Bass” is absolutely beautiful. This track features tribal chanting, wind chimes, and so many other instruments from around the world all perfectly synced with a smooth rhythm line. I know CloZee is going to be HUGE and I can’t wait to see where she’ll go next with her sound.

Space Jesus ft. Clay Parnell & Rory “Sweet Boy” Dolan - “Hmu”


This song will never get old to me. It starts off as a sweet little jam tune, but then gets hit with a super funky beat. The psychedelic bass is truly infectious and just heavy enough. Honestly, hearing this live at Electric forest was definitely one of the highlights of the entire weekend. Even though this was released way back in 2014, I still can’t help but play this song all the time. Trust me, it’s the perfect track to start your day to.

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