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Zeds Dead & Illenium Release Monster Collab

Zeds Dead & Illenium Release Monster Collab

It’s true, it happened today and you might want to take a seat. Or stand, depending on how you want this incredible collaboration to hit you.

Here we have Zeds Dead and Illenium; both can sell out nationwide tours. Both have a signature niche in the bass music scene. Both released a debut album last year. Both have a long string of powerful singles and remixes. In short, these guys are very good. They hype hasn’t been let down either. Released early Monday morning, “Where The Wild Things Are” is everything you could want and hope for when the two collide.

Fans of both acts enjoy their rock-esque guitar ballad (with the occasional banger) type music, and this fills every checkmark. It begins with a strikingly beautiful but dark female singer, who develops a certain grit to her voice as the track develops. The dynamic progression of the song is no joke. Tagged as dubstep, it leads to a very Zeds Dead inspired hanging build that drops into dubstep madness. This part is super fuego.

Next thing you know you are building into a drop that is much more Illenium-inspired melodic dub. At the same time however, it’s clear that this is a pretty clean mix of both artist’s styles, as their discography is so varied it could go either which way. It’s catchy yet transient. Sounds popular yet has so many fringy elements that it is light-years away from pop.

It’s risky when two heros of bass music get together for a song, but I think Zeds Dead and Illenium nailed their core styles without overlapping one another. A blistering track that burns a fire in your heart, and is sure to grace festival stages as soon as possible!

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