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The Spock Interview

The Spock Interview

   An appearance on the Cosmic Meadow stage at EDC, closing weekend at NYC’s Webster Hall, and our very own Global Dance Festival all just this year, Spock is one of the fastest rising artists in the dubstep scene. He’s signed to Getter’s “Shred Collective” and has had music released on Buygore Records and we can expect to see big collabs in the future.

Since your first bus tour last year with Getter, how much has your life changed?

Up until the week before tour I was working full time as a GrubHub delivery driver and now I'm on lineups with people who I have idolized since I was 16 years old.  I still have some of the same stresses and anxieties that I had a year ago but it's an incredible feeling knowing that I get to be a Producer/DJ for a living.

What do you think makes your music different than other artists?

I don't really know.  Writing music is weird.  Most of the time I try to put humor in my music.  For a while I ironically used the airhorn sample or vocal samples from old Skrillex tracks and now I'm experimenting with a lot of genres that I've never tried before.  I guess that you could be rolling your eyes and laughing at a stupid sample while simultaneously headbanging.

What do you think makes your live sets different than other artists?

I don't think I'm unique in saying that I see myself as a producer first and a DJ second so when I play a set I'm not focused on playing 4 songs at the same time and mixing 200 songs an hour.  I want to have fun and listen/dance/headbang to cool music with the fans.  I like to be silly on the mic sometimes and play some funny songs.  I just want people to walk away from my sets with a smile.

What does your venue/festival bucket list look like?

This is such a generic answer but ever since I was in high school I've dreamed about playing EDC Vegas. Red Rocks is also an amazing looking venue that I'd love to play.

Any secrets you can let us in on from Shred Collective?

Well it wouldn't be a secret if I told you!

Look out for a new release on August 21st.

Watch Spock play his new song at Global Dance:

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